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Topic sentence for murder essay?

ok so im writing an essay about when murder is necessary. my first paragraf will outline how murder is necessary when it could save more lives and benefit many. How can i start off this paragraph. what should the topic sentence be? pls answer..

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  1. reveilles says:

    murder is bad. right? and then go on from there?

  2. zjgcsvw says:

    there are times when somethings that are bad are justified, even murder

  3. suite says:

    I would start with statistics. Pose the problem in detail and then follow up with ideas to fix it. For example, if I were arguing for the death penalty, I might start with how many people are murdered per year, and how many people are affected by that (x number of children lose their fathers, etc.). How much it costs per year, per prisoner. How much the US pays for food, medical costs and dental costs for these prisoners, when so many law abiding citizens have no insurance, lose teeth and go hungry. Especiallly when you’re arguing something that is controversial or even outlandish, you have to ground your argument in cold, hard facts. Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal is the gold standard.