i really really really really really really really want to go to tufts to study chinese and international relations. i feel like my chances of getting in are next to nothing. i am a current junior and i've been taking chinese at my school for almost 5 years now. I have been playing 3 varsity sports since freshman year. I am also part of the national honors society and im involved in a club that volunteers with the elderly. My english teacher thinks i wrote an excellent essay. GPA= 3.7 out of 4.0 Down Fall : I suck at test taking, which doesn't help when it comes the the SAT. This morning i received my score of a 1780 :( 650 on math (should have done at least 50 points better) 580 on critical reading (probably never going to do better than that and a 550 on writing. I got a 610 on the math 1 SAT II and i plan on taking the course 2 in june, hopefully getting at least a 700. I also might take the chinese sat ii in november ( I am not at all assign/ native speaker) I am also taking the ACT in june and september. then retaking the SAT in october. Sorry for the length but can you just tell me what you think my chances are of getting into tufts? or SUNY Binghamton considering that is my backup plan? thanks so much, i greatly appreciate it.

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    First off, stop using all capitals in any sentence. This will help on your application. Study a grammar book and brush up on your English language skills. The letter “I” is always capitalized when referring to yourself. Months are always capitalized as well as the first letter of every sentence. Universities and organizations also need to have the first letter of their names capitalized.If you enclose words with a parenthesis, make sure to end the “special knowledge” by closing it with a parenthesis. Instead of using the word got, try substituting a better, more descriptive word. Avoid run-on sentences. Rewrite your sentences to have more of a flow to them. Remember, texting grammar and texting spelling is only acceptable when sending a text message. Another tip: numbers should usually be spelled out instead of represented with a number. For example: three instead of 3.Finally, proofread, proofread and proofread again before posting something online. Know the difference between Their, There and They’re. This is just a start but good grammar will go a long way toward a great first impression.

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    tufts is usually a backup school but these days the finance is more important than the grades(almost) if you can pay your way totally for the course you will have a good chance of being accepted

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    Harley Drive, you made milk come out my nose lol, SO TRUE!