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My essay. dont mind reading it do you?

Shirley Anita St. Hill Chisholm was her full name. She was born on November 30,1924 and died on January 1,2005. Born poor to immigrant parents. Her father was from British Guiana, which is now called Guyana, and her mother was from Barbados. Shirley Chisholm grew up in Barbados, and also in New York City. She received a good education in Barbados while living with her maternal grandmother. At the age of ten, she returned to New York to live with her parents again, and went to public schools. She attended Girl’s High School in Bedford-Stuyvesant, which is a section of Brooklyn with a growing poor black and immigration population.After graduating college in 1946, she worked as a nursery school teacher. Later she worked as a director of schools for early childhood education. In 1949 she got married to Conrad Chisholm. Having such achievement as a teacher, she ran for the New York State Assembly in 1964, and won. During the time she was in the assembly, she had sponsored fifty laws,

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  1. triceratopses says:

    how old are you?what grade?what background?it’s clear. however, there are a few grammatical mistakes. i think it gets a bit worse, in the latter sections.

  2. maturates says:

    It seems okay, although I’m not sure about the requirements of your essay. Overall informative.

  3. impures says:

    Sounds good and clear. meaningful