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Please answer these ten questions please give you ten points?

User: Travis Stafford In Course: M/J Comprehensive Science 2 V8 ( 2181)Instructor: Ava Lemon 03.10 Module Three Exam Warning: There is a checkbox at the bottom of the exam form that you MUST check prior to submitting this exam. Failure to do so may cause your work to be lost. Instructions: Answer all multiple choice and essay questions. --------------------------------------… Question 1 (Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)All of the following can be caused by plate movement except earthquakes tsunamis volcanoes hurricanes --------------------------------------… Question 2 (Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)A force or an event that changes the earth’s surface is known as a geological process an oceanographic change a geologic plate a tectonic boundary --------------------------------------… Question 3 (Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)Earthquakes produce what three types of waves? microwaves, S waves, and L waves P waves, S waves, and L waves P waves, radio waves, and L waves R waves, S waves, and T waves --------------------------------------… Question 4 (Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)What layer of the earth is moving during an earthquake? Core Mantle plates Lithospheric plates Mesospheric plates --------------------------------------… Question 5 (Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)One lithospheric plate can slide below another at ___________. a divergent boundary a convergent plate boundary an over-thrust plate boundary a fault line --------------------------------------… Question 6 (Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)A fault is a deep crack in the earth’s asthenosphere crust mantle mesosphere --------------------------------------… Question 7 (Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)The crust is made up of liquid rock the asthenosphere and outer mantle the asthenosphere and core Lithospheric Plates --------------------------------------… Question 8 (Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)Which of the following is true about the earth’s crust? It is the outer layer and coolest layer It is the outer layer and warmest layer It is the middle layer and coolest layer It is a part of the earth’s mantle --------------------------------------…

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  1. queenship says:

    1.D 3. B 6. B 7. D 8. A

  2. balanca says:

    1. hurricaines2. geological process3. p, s, and l4. mantle plates5. over-thrust6. crust7. plates8. outer and coolest

  3. reconnoitringly says:

    1) hurricanes2) a geological process3) I don’t know, but I guess P,S, and L waves4) lithospheric plates5) an over-thrust plate boundary6) crust7) lithospheric plates8) it is the outer layer and the coolest layer

  4. pachydermous says:

    idk to all.