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What are some major media (fictional) sources that deal with issues in psychology.?

my term paper project is a paper where i write an essay that ... well "This essay will be a critique of the way in which a topic of psychology is presented in a story, article, tv show, film, website or other source from the popular media. From the media find an example that deals with a topic from this course"so there are the obvious ones like fght club and multiple personalities or momento and memmory loss. i want something a more original. so can anyone recmond a movie or tv show that deals with Repression, false memory, Amnesia, brain injury, genetic influences on behavior, similarity of reunited twins, hypnosis, drugs/alcohol ,subliminal perception, ESP, pain, dreams or anythign like those kinds of things to do with whats going on inside someones head.

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  1. lqmagic says:

    Diary of a Teenage Amnesiac – book (memory)American Psycho – movie (…psychotic)Lars and the Real Girl – movie (repression of some sort and isolation) The Island – movie (genetic stuff, possible nature v. nurture)A Clockwork Orange – book (mind/pain/thought distortion and manipulation)What’s Eating Gilbert Grape – movie (developmental disability)Benny & Joon – movie (schizophrenia)The Talented Mr. Ripley – movieOrdinary People – book/movie (suicide type stuff)A Beautiful Mind – movie (paranoid schizophrenic delusions)Being John Malkovich – movie (just plain bizarre- but excellent movie)One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – book/movie (mental illness)Girl Interrupted – movie (mental illness)Sylvia – movie (as in Sylvia Plath- ’nuff said)