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Will Nanotechnology be a good thing or a bad thing?

i'm doing an essay but i can't choose which side to defend. I researched that nanotechnology will be a breakthrough and huge advantage in the health area, and some others as well, but I also read up on how it could damage the economy and start an unstable arms race. Any ideas on which side to defend?

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  1. bernardino says:

    You can take a hammer and build a house. You can take a hammer and kill somebody. The hammer is neither good nor bad. It depends what you do with it. Same for nanotechnology. A way to argue is discuss the potential good things which could come out of it. Discuss potential dangers and suggest some safeguards (e.g. laws, or signed agreements) to minimize dangers though that won’t eliminate the dangers. Another possibility would be to weight the benefits against the dangers and have arguments whether the potential benefits are worth the potential risks. The obvious parallel is atomic energy. Though history shows once it’s thought of and doable, it’s hard to stop somebody doing it if they think their own benefit is large enough.

  2. tanier says:

    Um yes james, yes

  3. choicely says:

    if you have time there is a great article by bill joy which talks about GNR genetics, nanotechnology, and robots

  4. klaassen says:

    I don’t know but I don’t want a few million little things running around in my body hoping one doesn’t malfunction.