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Teens: Please help! Really important!?

I have to do a essay on my most memorable gift. WHat are some essay pointers for a well-written 5 paragraph essay?

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  1. ocobock says:

    well that’s not materialistic or anything.

  2. goztreh says:

    thesis. three examples that support the thesis. conclusion

  3. mycohaemia says:

    Get the reader interested!

  4. constitutionality says:

    1st paragraph: Topic sentence and explain what this gift is or use an interest catcher and set up the background. Give like a kind of setting. 2nd paragraph: Describe the day you got this memorable gift. (I’m assuming it’s something you can hold. ie: cell phone, computer, etc.) Tell who gave you the gift and such.3rd paragraph: Explain your reaction to the gift, how you felt when you got it, did you pay them back, etc…4th paragraph: Tell what you use this thing for now. Do you still have it? 5th paragraph: Conclusion.

  5. cochairman says:

    1. Introductory paragraph with thesis statement. 2. Body paragraph3. Second body paragraph4. Third body paragraph5. Conclusion paragraph with restated thesis. Our English teacher to told us to avoid using filler words.

  6. squaloid says:

    Each paragraph should be at least 8 sentences.Should include an introduction and conclusion.Don’t say the exact same thing in the conclusion and introduction. If you don’t have a really good memorable gift, make something up.Write about who gave you the gift, why they gave it to you, describe it in detail, and explain why it meant so much to you.

  7. stenchful says:

    Don’t start your essay likeFirst, next, second, last, in conclusion etc etcTeachers hate that.

  8. leanna says:

    1. Filler2. More filler3. The actually crap4. Filler5. A good set up concluding filler

  9. amphibiously says:

    use a lot of transition words, adjectives, and over exaggerate everything and make it as cheesy as possible.