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Crucible homework – again! ?

What could my 'thesis' be for this essay: John Proctor says of himself: ' What is John Proctor? I am no saint; for me it is fraud.' What could my thesis be? asap plz! thanks!

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  1. deermeat says:

    Although this is not in the tone of the book you could make the thesis quite philosophical, particularly in the ‘style’ of Bertrand Russell. Mr Russell goes on and on about the only thing that can be proven to exist is oneself (he refers to people viewing a table from different angles, but as they all inherently have a different view of the table then they cannot guarantee to be seeing the same table (hair splitting stuff, I know!)). The fact that John Proctor asks “what is John Proctor?” as opposed to “who is John Proctor?” may allow diverse discourse in the philosophical direction. Therefore as John Proctor can only believe himself to be real then nobody else can be guaranteed to exist. It also extends to other people not having the acumen to be a Saint of God , because if they cannot be proven to exist then they cannot be a saint!I know that this is not the answer that you were looking for but it is an interesting (or should that be a sad, get a life) philosophical thought…

  2. mineralogically says:

    john proctor gave into sin. lust got the best of him. you could probably write an essay about that. with a thesis saying something about he like many other people have given into temptation

  3. battlefront's says:

    I would concentrate on the first part ‘What is John Proctor?’ and write it about the importance of your ‘name’ in ‘The Crucible.’ Reputation and good name are paramount in puritan society and are referred to specifically in the play many times. John gives up his name to expose Abigail as a liar and a harlot in order to save Elizabeth and the rest of the town from the witch-hunt. Elizabeth who ‘will never tell a lie’ does just that, in front of the court and contrary to her entire belief system also to protect John’s name. In the end it is the importance of a name which leads Proctor to be hanged as he refuses to let a signed confession be signed to the church door. His name ultimately is more important than his life.I think this would be an interesting and unusual approach to the question and you could link it directly to Miller and Macarthyism. I am happy to help if I can. :O)