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I saved a file in microsoft word and i cannot find it! please help!?

i'm stressing out. A really important essay i have spent ages on is now apparently gone.I have 2 computers in my house. I did a really bad rough draft on computer no.1 and then sent it via email to computer no.2. On computer no. 2 i perfected it. then relieved that i was finally finished i quickly pressed the save icon (the one of a floppy disc) and exited. Only then did i realise i might not be able to find it again, as it wasn't created on that computer. I have looked everywhere i can think of and i cannot find it. PLEASE HELP ME I AM DESPERATE!p.s. i turned my computer off at the wall afterward... i'm not sure if that affects anything... i'm no einstein when it comes to computers.

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  1. stethographic says:

    Check your My Documents folder. If it’s not there and you remember the name of it, you could do a search for it. My guess is that since you opened it straight from an e-mail, it’s sitting in a temp folder somewhere.Might I also suggest buying a router and setting up a network so you don’t have to use e-mail to transfer files in your own home.

  2. cryptostome says:

    check to see if your ‘word’ makes automatic backups in the options. if it does then find the directory where it is saved. if not then set it to make backups. and learn from the mistake.floppy disk? seriously lol