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Introduction-persuasive essay-school violence is cause by media or by parents?

my assignment is to write an essay my thesis is-Media glorification of violence is the primary reason for the rise in school violence.-but i don't know how to start my intro

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  1. radiosurgery says:

    First of all get someone to proof read your paper as you made a mistake in the 1st sentence of this question and 2nd I don’t agree with either reason for school violence.It is not caused by the media or parents. Do some research on the latest ones and you’ll see what I mean.

  2. panhysterectomy says:

    Give examples to back it up, you may want to use Virginia Tech or the Amish schoolhouse shooting as examples because after there was so much media coverage on those two tradgedies, there were a few copycat attempts.

  3. jbecker says:

    Violent media images causes brain damage! Studies showVideo games, television, movies, etc. with violent content reduce brian functioning in teenagers.See study: [external link] …Further research check out psychological websites from various services.–Z–

  4. edoctor says:

    Try brain storming, open a word document and just start writing about your topic and change it later if it doesn’t work. Or you could write the rest of the paper first and come back to the intro. An outline of your paper’s main points could be help for as well.