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Macbeth Essay, Tragic Hero or Criminal?

Ok so I'm typing an essay concerning macbeth, whether he is a tragic hero or criminal.Frankly, I don't perceive him as a true tragic hero, contrary to others' ideas. Is the very short introduction of him being an honorable warrior at the beginning of the book supposed to convince me that he is a hero? So this is my perspective:I'm more leaning towards the criminal side of this argument. I'm basically saying that I think his true character all along was an insane violent person. At the beginning when he's supposed to be portrayed as a "hero" he is even described as violently killing the opposing invader "McDonwald" i believe. I'm saying that he had always had psychotic intentions, but justified them by "fighting for his country" but as he began contriving murder plans and murder his fellow people out of greedy ambition, he just fell more and more into his deranged self. So I wanna know, is this too much of a stretch? I honestly think that this concept can be interpreted from the play. Opinions?

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  1. Methuen says:

    It’s your opinion. I honestly don’t know much about that play, but based on what you’ve said, it can’t be that much of a stretch to call him a criminal. Good luck! :)

  2. dandelion says:

    Both? Everyone’s a tragic hero from their own perspective. Everyone’s a criminal from their worst enemy’s perspective.Even greedy ambition can be a tragic flaw. Let’s say you were born with nothing, and you had to claw your way to whatever you had. Then you were given a golden opportunity to prove yourself to your family and your society, to earn the respect that you never had in your entire life. The issue is, you have to kill someone to do it. And you do it. That person is a reprehensible criminal, but none the less a tragic hero. He fits all of the necessary criteria for both. And so does Macbeth.