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My English teacher refuses to give me an A+ in her class even though I have a 99%?

I know there are worse problems right now (like the poor Haiti orphans), but this is irking me enormously. The first semester ends next week but my school already taken the finals and everything. My final grade in my English class is a 99.08% and I want an A+. I have reasons for this request because My English teacher said that she'll bump anybody up who has a 1% difference. Like if you have a 79, she'll bump you to an 80. I know it doesn't make a difference to colleges and to my overall GPA, but I want to get an A+. I'm a sophomore right now and I just want an A+. Anyways, I don't think it's fair that she would give people with 89.00 % an A [From an original B] and not give me a 99.08 to a A+. I asked her about it before class and she said it doesn't matter and she will not raise my grade.I don't know if it's because she doesn't like me for some reason or because she never hands out A+'s, but I deserve an A+. She never said that if you had a 99%, she wouldn't bump you up to a 100%. She never said that, and so I worked my butt off for that high grade in her class. I studied for the finals for many hours and wrote extra essays to hone in on my literary skills. If I'd know n that she wouldn't bump me up, then I wouldn't have even needed to study for the finals! I'm just very irritated right now and I just want your guys' opinion on this. Is this fair or not?

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  1. preinfluence says:

    technically, there’s no such grade as A+, the highest is an A.On a 4.0 grade scale, an A = 4.0

  2. retieve says:

    Tell your mom and dad. Tell them what you are telling us so they can go talk to her. If that doesn’t work tell your parents to speak to the principle about it.

  3. hel-cos says:

    First off, EXCELLENT job in that class! Amazing!It sounds like the highest grade you can get in her class is an A. Some teachers top off their grades at an A – not an A+. If the teacher never gives out A+ because her grading scale does not include an A+, then it is fair. :( If it does include an A+, oh boy! I would be all over that! I would get parents and counselors and assistant principals involved!You really did a great job and I hope that, in the end, you are happy with the outcome.

  4. tridimensionality says:

    Ask your teacher if she gives out A+ as a grade? You might find out that she doesn’t give out an A+ to anyone, even if they get 100% . I know, life isn’t fair that someone with 89% will get an A and you with 99% get the same grade. But life is not always fair. You worked hard and be proud of yourself in what you did accomplish. You did great!