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Songs For A Separate Peace by John Knowels?

I have a English project that requires me to find 10 songs that somehow match/relate to the book A separate Peace by John Knowels. I also need to write an essay relating all of the songs to the book. If anybody has some suggestions please post them a.s.a.p! (my teacher gave us very little time, and no class time) Thanks alot!

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  1. yapboot says:

    Jackie Wilson : “Reet Petite” Mental As Anything : “Live It Up” Simply Red : “The Right Thing” Erasure : “Sometimes” Robbie Nevil : “C’est La Vie” Hot Chocolate : “You Sexy Thing” The Blow Monkeys : “It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way” The Housemartins : “Caravan of Love” Boy George : “Everything I Own” UB40 : “Rat in Mi Kitchen”