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This is really urgent! please answer asap?

Describe a person or event that has had a profound effect upon your life. that is my college essay which i'm currently working on.what well known person / event would you pic (besides family, friends, etc) and why would you pick that person?I was thinking mother teresa ... should I write about her? what things should i include to strengthen my essay? please help, i will appreciate it so much! and 10 pts for a detailed and good answer.

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  1. Urania says:

    Is Mother Theresa really the person who has had the most profound effect on your life? Are you picking her for that reason alone, or are you picking here because you think the admissions people will be impressed by that? If it’s the latter, then I say drop the Mother Theresa idea, and pick someone who really did have an impact on your life. In other words, be honest. Make your essay personal and make it represent you. If it is a family member or friend who has had a profound effect upon your life, then write about that!College admissions don’t care who you pick. They just want to know more about YOU. What’s important to you? What have you learned from others? Why is this person important to you? What have they done that made you think in a different way or see the world in a different way?Here’s an example: When I had to write a college essay on this very topic, I chose an event. I wrote about the moment a six-year old student of mine dived into the water for the first time. Before the summer, she was deathly afraid of water, and wouldn’t even stick her toes in. By the end of the summer, she dove head-first into the water and swam. It was a moment that I loved and never forgot. Her little act that day taught me about facing fear and overcoming obstacles, however big or small they were. It taught me to be compassionate and patient as a teacher.Remember – the event or person can be big and/or famous, or it can be small. (Literally!) It doesn’t matter. Pick something that is personal to you. Reflect, and be honest. It will show, and your essay will be all the more genuine for that.Best of luck!

  2. acmecon says:

    Look at the words in the prompt again. They want you to describe something that had a profound effect on your life.So who or what has shaped you into the person you are today. Was there someone or something that inspired you to go to college-or to this particular college? Do you have specific plans for your future, and if so, how did you get set on that path? Something that had a profound effect on you is something that changed you or shaped you in some way. If Mother Theresa isn’t someone you think about a lot, or someone that you have learned from in a meaningful way, don’t write about her. If, however, she is an important figure in your life, look at how she has shaped your decision making process as you have grown up. Remember, they want to hear about YOU, not Mother Theresa. That’s true no matter what or who you base your essay on–focus it on how this person or thing shaped you. After all, you are the person who will be going to their campus!College admissions people want to get to know the real you, not some persona that you are adopting because you think it will please them. They would rather hear how you tried to teach yourself to fly with an Umbrella after watching Mary Poppins and what you learned from the experience than to hear you quote an encyclopedia article. Take fifteen minutes and make a list of anyone and anything that might meet that qualification of somethign that made you who you are–and what made you into the kind of person who will benefit their college (because you are curious? outgoing? friendly? adventurous? whatever it is that makes you awesome, that’s what you want to highlight.) Don’t edit the list while you are making it, just think back over your life and brainstorm. When you’re done, pick the person or thing that most excites you, that makes you want to write about it.If you have fun writing the essay, your own natural voice will come across to the admissions committee, and that will impress them more than anything.Best of luck to you.

  3. naght says:

    It should be something that is personal to you and you can relate to it to enable you to write the essay. I would use someone like Lance Armstrong who overcame cancer to win the Tour de France a record breaking 7 times. To me he shows courage and determination and that you can overcome anything if you put you mind to it.

  4. cardsharping says:

    I would answer that the World Trade Center attacks had a profound impact on my life. The tragedy of so many lives lost, the heroism of common men, the continuing effect of that singular event on our lives today. My job at the time was shipping related and how I did my job changed drastically in the course of a few weeks. I’m now in the fuels delivery business and the security measures we have to follow are endless.My wife is in the investment field and while she did not know anyone personally who died in the attacks, she recognized names and had worked with some of the companies who were so terribly affected.The way people banded together to help one another in such an extreme time of need was beautiful and a source of inspiration. Whenever people complain that nobody cares anymore, I suggest they recall those dark days and remember that even though they were probably hundreds of miles away from ground zero, they remember the sense of togetherness that bound us as Americans.

  5. allendy says: