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Marx’s four- fold theory?

hey i have an essay to do on this, blah. can you please send me a link or explain to me what this is about n any extra information is good, this has to be at least 5 pages. why does he think capitalism alienates humanity?how do his critisims on religion tie into his aspirations for rejecting capitalism?what does marx indicate about human nature?and any background information would be helpful.if you can't answer all these thats fine, any little will help! hahha.so please help me out it would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. impoverishing says:

    umm…read the communist manifesto?

  2. nows says:

    Some possible background info for you. Read :The Open society and its Enemies,by (Sir karl)Popper.Volume 1 or 2 deals with Marx(‘s)theory. (And although it successfully “answer’s”it-as sir karl himself probably would have said-Marxism is tied to or can be called a closed-society-theory;you will have to read quite a bit of these 2 volumes to know this-but if you are after truth,and especially critical truth,then this is the book to read.)

  3. rancorous says:

    my advice to you is not to mention that this question is for your essay… answerers on yahoo tend to have a dim view on helping people with their homework through this medium…having said that, good luck with it… try your local public library — i’m sure they have all the answers you will need :o )