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Help on Biology essays. stem cell, cancer, genetically engineered foods, human ecology?

I have to write 4-1000 word essays for my biology class, and I am running out of time and words. They're very repetitive. I need someone else's thoughts on the subjects to give good counter arguments. 1. What is stem cell research, and what is the hype/hypo?2. Are genetically engineered foods safe to eat?3. Is cancer a problem of genetics or environment?4. What is human ecology?any thoughts/opinions help. i'll throw some extra points your way.

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  1. bhamilt says:

    I would like to reference stem cell research on the anti-side. This may be an angle you have not included. Have you considered that destroying a human embryo is akin to placing a value on human life? By that I mean, it is the same as saying Grandpa Bob is more valuable than Baby X….because if Baby X is killed then maybe Grandpa Bob can be saved… That means Grandpa Bob’s life is more valuable than Baby X…right? It seems that all life (“All men are created equal”) should be valued equally, simply for the fact that life is life. Hope that’s an angle that can help.Then of course the standard retort is…But Baby X is not alive because it can not live independently outside of the “host”. (In this case the mother). That, of course, spurs the response….Well the Yucca moth can not reproduce (thus survive) without the Yucca plant, but we consider the moth alive. Maybe that’s comparing apples to oranges…so..try this one…HeLa cells. They are cancer cells taken from Henrietta Lacks that have been cultured for decades in labs for cancer study. They can not survive independently without the proper medium on which to grow. We consider them human cancer cells which are alive….. Yet if we fertilize an egg and give it the proper medium on which to grow… and it does… we still consider it non-human and not alive? Both need the proper growth medium…both have 46 chromosomes…. both derive from human origin…hmmmmm……Shoot me…I’m pro-life….hehe…I like the irony in that…Hope that helpsEclysped

  2. microphakia says:

    1. Stem cells are cells which can differentiate into any type of cell in the body. Research into these cells is focusing how this differentiation occurs and how we can use it to fix our bodies. Specifically, getting cells like nerve cells to regenerate. Because the cells are usually taken from early stage embryos, some people have religious and moral objections. I don’t know what you mean by hype/hypo.2. For the most part yes. Some people may have an allergic reaction to the food, but that can happen when you eat any new food. Genetically modified foods can be of great help with starvation and malnutrition. Look up golden rice.3. Both and sometimes they work together. Some people are born with genes that basically insure they will get a certain type of cancer, some people get cancer because they are exposed to toxins, and some people have a genetic susceptibility that they trigger with toxins. 4. Human ecology is the study of the relationships between humans, human societies, and their natural, social and created environments. If you want an opinion on this you need to add more information to the question.