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My Laptops Broken? Everything Of My Desktop Is Gone?

Hey.. i had some viruses in my computer and when i turned on the laptop i had a new desktop background and everything had gone, my itunes, limewire, msn, all my photos, My Essays.. everything. then after looking around for ages a found in "my computer" a file called desktop, and it had everything that was on my desktop, and the same for all my photos ect so i dragged them all onto my desktop, and everything was fine, then i switched off my computer, and when i put it back on later, it was back to nothing being there.. but this time when i went too "my computer" none of the files were there. I Did A Scanner Too Remove All Of The Viruses.. But It Still Doesn't Work, How Do I Fix This? Thank You!P.s i'm on windows vista and i have a toshiba laptop.

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  1. Hang-On says:

    Go to a computer learn class…

  2. minnsng says:

    The same exact thing happened to me this morning, except I didn’t have a folder titled “Desktop”. The only thing that makes this computer look not-brand new is that my “Recycle Bin” still has the last items I deleted in it. If you find a fix, please let me know! I’ve got some very important documents that I haven’t backed up yet! Thanks!Windows XP – HP laptop.