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University of Tennessee scholarship essay, any ideas?

Select one of the following: literature and the arts, politics and business, science and technology. Discuss one specific aspect of its importance in current global society, including benefits and problems. How would you promote and develop this specific aspect to maximize its benefit to society? Indicate what you believe the financial costs and staffing needs would be for implementation of your proposal over the first five years. I have no idea what to write about any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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  1. yeltrah says:

    Elizabeth:The scholarship committee is looking for three things in your essay – your creativity, your writing ability (essay organization), and your use of punctuation and proper grammar. I’m sure that you realize that there is no right or wrong answer to the essay, and that the reader doesn’t have to agree with the position that you take.They’re asking you to pick one of three (very) broad themes and write about how your choice impacts societies and institutions all over the world. I think that’s one of the keys to writing one of these essays successfully – pay close attention to the prompts. Note that they asked about “global society”, which means “think about things beyond your backyard, and in fact, beyond your country, altogether.”You’ll also notice that they’re looking for you to comment on both the positives AND the negatives, and what you would do to maximize its benefits (encourage the positives and mitigate the negatives). Finally, they want you to consider how your plan could be put into practice, and what it might cost, both in terms of manpower and money. In other words, they want you to think about this problem practically – and not just imagine that the world has unlimited finances that can be devoted to solving the world’s ills.Pick one of those three that interests you – and think about whether that thing can be a force for good in the world. What has the potential to bring people together and solve one or more of the most pressing problems? Think about some of the biggest challenges that we face – war, religious differences, pollution, environmental changes, famine, disease, political differences, nuclear proliferation – and how one of those broad themes can be used to improve upon the current global situation.For example – how does the current application of science make the world a better place, and just as importantly, how is science used in ways that might improve the living standards in one place, but harm life in another part of the world? Can science contribute to the battle against health epidemics? Sure it can, but how can you deliver the benefits of science in poor countries? We have amazing medical technology in this country, but how would we go about exporting some of those multi-million dollar technologies to impoverished countries? How would we build the facilities in which to house them?These are very tough issues, and no one is expecting you to solve the world’s problems in a 1000 word essay. UT just wants to see if you can think problems through, explain yourself clearly, write using standard essay form, use college level vocabulary, and punctuate your writing appropriately. You’re not writing to win the Nobel Peace Prize, you’re writing to show that you’re an applicant with exceptional potential to excel at Tennessee.I hope that helped you a little – good luck!