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What makes a Man a Man?

I need basically a list of characteristics or traits of a manly or traditional man. For example: • Strength• Protectiveness• Fearlessness• Loyalty• PassionThis is for an essay so please don't put stuff like hairy chest or huge balls. Thanks

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  1. vineyards says:

    What you have listed are Virtues. This is a good place to start, but let us get to the heart of Ethics. A Man stands by his ethics. If a man doesn’t stand for something, he will sit through nearly anything.What are Ethics? They are a cannon of morals that define what is right and wrong. Why do we have ethics? to keep from getting into petty wars every five minutes. They carve out the rules of civilized behavior. How do they do this? First we treat each other as we ourselves want to be treated. With Love. And second we are honest with each other. Love without Honesty is fantasy and Honesty without Love is Tyranny. That means every moral is moral only when it is proffered in Love and Honesty.Now let’s get back to those virtues. Virtues are acts of Love and Honesty in action. Kindness, Generosity, Gallantry, Courage, Patience, Temperance, Mercy, Loyalty, Compassion, Justice, et all.Now how does the list look? All acts of a loving man.Man will never stand so straight as when he bends down to help the child.Man should not be brash or full of his own ambition. Pride does nothing but blind him to his duty to society. A good man is like good steel. Neither one is worth a great deal when they loose their temper.All these things are saying is this. Love thy Neighbor as thy self. Be true to this and you will be a great man.Now if you wish him to be a great leader, he will also need to possess a commanding presence. These are the outward manifetations of purpose and direction. Authority is granted by the goal first and by those persuing the goal second. These traits include vitality, awareness, Bearing, Demeanor, Charisma, Expression, Manner, Carriage, Deportment, Aspect, Features, Look, Figure, Compellingness, Personal Appearance, Air, Mien, Lineaments….et al.As they say, it is equally important to appear to be able to do a thing as it is to actually be able to do it.

  2. pholadid says:

    Any man can father a child,But it takes a real man to be a husband to his wife and a father to his children. <}:-})A successful man balances his work with his family,because if you lose one, you may lose the other. <}:-})

  3. modificative says:

    you need to be more specific. culture to culture this varies…are you talking about American cultural traits?

  4. minutiae says:

    Courage, honesty, right action, fearlessness, diligence, guts like personality, and loyalty.

  5. beshake says:

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