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Examples of good hooks for essay openers?

I've always had trouble opening essays, and I was wondering if I should just stick with what I've always done: the famous Onomatopoeia. I've recently started to step up my writing game, and I don't think starting an essay with "Boom!" would help that. Can anyone help me by showing me examples of good hooks for opening an essay?

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  1. firelights says:

    Sounds are actually a very good opener. Or tell a small story… if you are writing about let’s say how hunting is bad… you could say something like “An innocent deer nibbled on dew covered grass in the early morn… the deer’s head snapped up at a rustle in the trees… and the trees were the last thing the deer would ever witness.” See how it’s sort of putting them there… making someone want to know what happened as well as making them feel the emotion of the deer… even feeling the experience of being in that position. I use that in almost every essay I write…. I’ve never gotten lower than an A with it and typically teachers ask to use my essays as examples or ask if they can read aloud to show the class how it should sound. So I would suggest that. I’ve used the small story opener to make some of the most boring subjects interesting. I turned an essay about pollution and how it’s affecting the world, people, and animals into an adventure and I actually had fun writing it. When a reader picks up your paper or essay… they do want facts… but if you can deliver the information as well as take the reader on an adventure… you ARE a good writer (: Hope this helps!