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Hi can anyone please name me a behaviour seen in a pet dog which hints it is still a pack animal..?

hi need to write 2 behaviours for an essay ..have no idea what they mean...behaviour seen in pet dog which hints it is still a pack animal?thanks everyone..x

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  1. disdains says:

    They know bedtime. and prefer sleeping near or with a bed belonging to Oneself.’if you call to your dog it will come to you and walk to you pair’s destination. (If you hide and watch He’ll catch up and stopthink, “hey where’d that guy go?”)

  2. lacertine says:

    Seperation anxiety: Howling and barking when the owners are out of the house, pacing, showing distress at being left alone…in the wild they stick together and howl to find each otherwhen they are out of sight. Submissive behaviour to the dominant member of the household: most likely your mum or dad. Submissive behaviours include trying to lick your face (a behaviour puppies do to make the mum regurgitate food, but also seen in submissive adult dogs), showing the belly when being told off (this is a vulnerable position for the dog and it shows submission to the dominant pack member). There will be lots more, look online for dog and wolf behaviours.

  3. kfarrar says:

    Territorial Behaviour e.g Barking when he hears the doorbell or see’s someone out of the window.

  4. cateresses says:

    The greeting one gets from your pet dog on his first seeing you in the morning or if you return from being apart, is the greeting usually given to the pack leader, the getting excited, tail wagging and trying to lick your face is behaviour seen in all wild dogs/wolves etc.