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Julius Caesar? HELP ME! PLEASE!?

Ok, I'm homeschooled and I have 1 english paper left before I can finish school. I am in a terrible perdicament. I don't think I can do this alone, and my mom doesnt have a clue (I use video teachers) and, I NEED HELP.I have to write a 300 word essay/paper on one of these questions. 1-Which character , Brutus or Cassius, would be best fit for Aristotle's description of a tragic hero?2-Discuss the uses of dramatic irony, situations in which a character does not fully understand the signiciance of a speech or action of which the audience is aware.3-Which two of the following characters are most alike: Brutus, Cassius, Caeser, Antony? Which are opposites? Compare and contrast these Characters.4-What political truths can be learned from this play?5-Which would you consider the best ruler:Brutus,Caesar,or Antony? Explain your choice.7-Explain how each act of this play fits the general dramatic structure of the traditional five-act play.THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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  1. fabaceous says:

    Honey you need to read it! But try this: [external link] should help you A LOT! :D

  2. psychologer says:

    Um… let’s see I liked question 1I think it would be Brutus all the way—because, as Antony says, his intentions were most in the right place. He did what he felt was right for the country of Rome, the home that he loved. Which is why Antony called him “The most noble Roman of them all.” He was willing to kill his best friend to better his country. Even though he was manipulated by Cassius and had some jealousy, he was able to channel it into a fight for justice. Also, number 5 (there was no 6…). I think the better ruler would be Antony. Caesar was cocky… and would rather avoid embarrassment than give comfort to his wife (when she has a bad dream and does not want him to go to senate, where he is eventually murdered). Caesar never learned to listen to or trust others, as is used in the example of the soothsayer. He was very pompous. Brutus, is too rash. Killing his best friend, and beloved ruler, out of some odd justice born of envy is not the best qualities in a leader. He made his decisions too quickly, and they were not always the best. And then, in the end, he could not own up to his actions when the crowd turned against him. Antony, I believe, makes an exellent ruler. He avoided direct confrontation, and instead easily swayed the crowd without besmirching his name. When all was said and done, he made sure those involved paid the price for Caesar’s death, which proves he is fair, and will not compromise. This fear of following the rules, and knowing you will be protected if someone goes against you wrongly is important for his subjects to feel. I hope this helped some. I actually shocked myself, I didn’t think I could pull this opinion out of me like that. haha.