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What should I title my college essay? (Involves reading….)?

So, this essay doesn't necessarily need a title, but I think maybe a better impression might be made if it had one.... The clock on the wall, in the back of the classroom, always ticks really slowly, yet I listen to it for a long time. The ticks remind me of a leaky faucet and make me worry that I do not have enough money to call a plumber. The ticks of the clock continue through each class, sounding like anxiety, and the deepness of it makes me nauseous. Sometimes other noises merge with the clock’s solo and save me from listening forever. My watch on the other hand, is higher pitched and its ticks merely bounce off whatever other sounds have the same feeling. Synesthesia can involve any of the five senses, mixing them into each other, like tasting colors or seeing music. In my case, I can feel sounds, not physically, but emotionally. I also see colors in letters and numbers. Although my synesthesia is sometimes distracting, it usually serves as an advantage. When I play the guitar, I can remember the tabs and chords because I know what color the numbers and letters are, or because I remember what the sounds feel like. In the same way, I can remember names and dates and times. This comes in handy in history class, among other places. Studying is still necessary, especially when there are two army generals that are both a shade of orange; I still have to stay organized and keep reviewing material given in class. Listening to music while I study is often too distracting so I set my time for each. In my early years of school I did not know why the other kids could not see the colors in the text or why the teacher did not understand when I tried to explain how I got an answer. Now I am careful to explain around the colors and because I think it over more I understand it better myself. It has never been a problem for me; it is not like living with Tourette’s Syndrome, as my best friend has. I mostly see my synesthesia as a mnemonic device and not as a neurological condition. Even as I write this I can see the colors in each letter and feel the noise of the keyboard. The clock on the wall is not even mildly distracting over my typing. Instead, I think about college and why I look forward to my acceptance. I look forward to meeting all the colorful people, maybe from their skin, maybe from the sound of their names. I look forward to applying my own color. I look forward to the new clocks and the classes they belong to. After all this time going through high school, I am ready to take the next step.Also, is there anything I should change? Add? Delete? Any parts that didn't make sense or flow properly? Thanks!

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    I’m just wondering on what Tourette’s Syndrome has anything to do with the sentence it’s in.To me, someone who has no idea what this is for and what it’s supposed to be about, it looks… Blah.. Can you tell me a little more about it?