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Has Bush told more than two lies this week?

It's early Friday, so lotsa time left, but I count two lies so far this week: 1. that the Subprime mortgage bailout programs will help over one million people; the figure is actually around 240,000. 2. He didn't know about the new NIE information until last Wednesday; actually it was last August. Are there any other lies this week that I'm not aware of? Please, help me out. I'm doing an essay.

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  1. autoactivation says:

    The only Bush that didn’t lie was on fire in the desert.

  2. setmail says:

    Bush doesn’t need lies, he just invents and will not let go of theorys that won’t let him let go of the past. Regarding Iran, what does it matter about Iran getting nuclear weapons, they are going to get them sooner or later, India has them Pakistan has them Israel, France, China, Russia, England. hey the genie is out of the bottle, now it is just a matter of time before the right mad man comes along and decides to press the button, talking about a madman, have you checked out KGB Putin lately.

  3. undergoing says:

    Yeah…. an essay right? What Liberal University do you attend?

  4. locoweed says:

    bush tells too many lies to count. its all that cocaine and wiskey he used when he was younger.

  5. preiotize says:

    I think Bush after seven years is trying out diplomacy

  6. Lepidoptera says:

    Oh dear, I usually start from the premise of, is his mouth open?What you have just done is given us two cast iron examples of a man that can NEVER be trusted. Thanks.

  7. higham says:

    You shoulda seen the follow-up press meeting with his “designated liar” Dana perino, the “tiny dancer of deception”…..They had her trapped in a corner of W’s lies it was awesome to see her squirm and twist and turn in the wind! Hell, Scott McClellan wrote his book as a public “Mea Culpa” for repeating W’s lies……. I would recommend to scotty he not fly in a private plane anytime soon though!

  8. farweltered says:

    Those were the two I had in mind. I don’t know..I’ve kinda started to tune him out and countdown how much time he has left.

  9. chacko says:

    You seem like a smart man…do I really need to say anything?

  10. crankys says:

    Let’s see, how many times did he open his mouth?

  11. anthropocosmic says:

    How many have you told this week?Hey Kellan here’s another oneI didn’t inhale?

  12. skoptsy says:

    There is deception involved any time he mentions the Iranian role in Islamic terrorism, which is small, and disregards the fact that Saudi Arabia sponsors terrorism and breeds radical Muslims.All of these exaggerations and omissions equal one BIG LIE..

  13. Gandharva says:

    The Bush lie machine is working overtime. Who knows what the number of total lies will be.

  14. overurging says:

    Pot goin’ after the kettle again?

  15. bobowen says:

    Writing an essay? You better have better facts than “this liberal senator said this,” and “this reporter said that.”People call President Bush a liar when the fact is, most politicians and the media lie in some way, shape, or form. Some are blatant lies, ala Bill Clinton, and some are fabricated lies, ala Dan Rather, and others are obfuscations of the truth “Bush to went to war over WMDs.” Yes, Bush did go to war over WMDs, but that is not the sole reason nor even the primary reason.

  16. kula says:

    Well, I don’t know if this would count as a lie, but it’s certainly a very lame “do over” attempt…Bush submitted resolution to the UN for continued ME Peace Talks… less than 24 hours later, he had the resolution withdrawn. Apparently, Israel didn’t want the UN involved in future talks. [external link] [external link] …Why was the 1947 UN Resolution to divide Palestinian lands, thus creating the modern state of Israel an OK thing, but a UN Resolution for continued peace negotiations is not an OK thing? I don’t get it, so I must be dense.

  17. pericardiosymphysis says:

    1. Depends on your figures, and how you define helping people. If 240,000 people are “bailed out” (which I am not sure if I am in favor of this), then this bailing out will ripple out to other people. They won’t have to declare bankruptcy, they can afford to pay other bills, etc…2. How do you kow when he was aware of the NIE report? I have not idea exactly when the President read it, and no one else probably does either. Besides, all the NIE report says is that they BELIEVE Iran has no nuke ambitions. It does not say that it is 100% certain. Therefore, its quite plausible that Bush saw it, but chose to keep the pressure on Iran for the sake of prudence.

  18. glassines says:

    Lies are truth and truth is not important in Bush-world