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Help on the film, Wall E?

What events, observations that you see in society today which you think will lead to the situation of humans as portrayed in the film, Wall E?--- My problem is that I need to create an essay consisting of 750+ words, and I cannot even think of ways on how "to exhaust" my essay given this guide question only...--- So, my question is, what are the points that I need to discuss or put in my essay to reach the 750 words. --- It would also be better if you will give me your personal answers or ideas regarding the question.

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  1. JANA says:

    WALL-E! Best movie EVAR.Well, large corporations are becoming more powerful and gaining much control in society. Also, technology makes things so automatic for people, they loose focus of the world around them, and they may also become out of shape if technology allows for machines to do so much for them.

  2. silly says:

    Here are some starting points, Pollution of the Earth, no one cares really and there are not enough people trying to save the Earth to even make a difference. Science is not far enough ahead of pollution so that, when that day comes, science will not save us. Try and research those two subjects, explain why it is like that and then you will have at least 200 words so thats a good starting point.

  3. orlon says:

    humans dependent on technologyhumans increasingly lazy – thus becoming fat blobshumans being desensitized – no human relations