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I’m struggling to understand what my poetry essay question means?

Hey,The question I have to answer is:Keats’ poem ‘To Autumn’ constitutes hymn of praise which in some senses is an exemplar of the Romantic obsession with nature. Discuss using Keats’ poem as a springboard.PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:The ONLY part of the question I do not fully understand, is what it means by the fact that the poem "constitutes hymn of praise".From my understanding, constitutes means "to be apart of" or "is a part, or made from" kind of thing and hymn of praise, well I was under the impression that the poem was an ode? Does it just mean that it's a strong example of how Romantic poets revered nature and the language it allowed them to use etc.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you in advance! =)

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  1. magrini says:

    You’re right that the poem is an ode. “Ode” and “hymn of praise” mean pretty much the same thing. Saying that a poem “constitutes” a hymn means that it can be thought of as a hymn, that it amounts to the same thing as a hymn even if the poet doesn’t explicitly call it that.

  2. sprucing says:

    The poem celebrates the magic of Mother Nature and in part is also celebrating the plan set in action by God. As such…the poem is a hymn to be sung as a celebration of God’s bounty.