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Really need your help with gang information/research?

i have to write an essay on gangs. my 3 arguments are 1. increase in crime rate, 2. forced prostitution and 3. drug trafficking. my question to you guys is how can i start each paragraph. the idea of the essay is to explain how gangs are a world issue or just an issue in general. all answers are appreciated, please no stupid answers. and what are some good points to include in an opening statement/sentences to begin my essay. thanks in advance

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  1. extrasystolic says:

    Intro paragraph…..Gang life is a joke…1st reason 2nd reason3rd reasonconclusion

  2. measure says:

    I think forced prostitution is a good point. it can also be know as human trafficking. Like how they would bring women from latin america by tricking them and force them into prostitution. Another point could be the increase of racism. Gangs are know to be very racist…especially prison gangs.

  3. leguan says:

    start with how black people live their lives

  4. czasach says:

    @keepin it real,more like”KEEPIN IT RETARDED”blacks are not the only one in gangs EVER HEARD OF MS-13?,MEXICAN MAFIA? ,Surenos? HOW ABOUT THE LATIN KINGS?

  5. alguero says:

    your 1st and last point is good, but i think you should find a stronger point.