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Hamlet Essay Questions?

I am doing hamlets variable state of mind- insane and sane.this is my thesis statement so far:Because Hamlet is both insane and sane, he has a variable state of mind and that translates into the obvious distinction of his hate for Claudius and the love for his mother. Which, in turn, composes Hamlet’s own death, and the successful killing of Claudius. - I followed the rubric from my class, including the cause and effect and topic and theme within the statement.Also, can anybody think of any points I can prove?I was thinking I will show how he is sane, how he is insane, the implications of his state of mind, Oedipus complex and how Hamlet would be diagnosed... anything else you guys can think of?best answer, hohkay :)

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  1. excitator says:

    I would rather say ‘In Shakespeare’s Hamlet the title character’s state of mind varies greatly. Because of these wild variations, which can be attributed to his conflicting hate for Claudius and love for his mother, he can be considered both sane and insane.’I think that this would work if you show how he is sane, how he is insane, the implications of his state of mind, Oedipus complex and how he would be diagnosed