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Help on an essay on The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald?

I'm choosing an essay topic to do on The Great Gatsby novel.The Topic is: Support the following theme "Some dreams can hold on too long and require too high a price"Here are my questions:1) Can anyone tell me what the theme means?2) Can you tell me some examples (atleast two) from the book (if you don't mind telling me what chapter its on. google the chapter study guide if you have to, in order to refresh your memory)Thanks to anyone who answers any of the above questions. :)

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  1. interlatitudinal says:

    Theme (my interpretation, obviously): Dreams, especially the “American Dream” during when _The Great Gatsby_ took place (1940s) was very hard to atttain. Very few people had enough money to be wealthy enough to be ranked very high in society. And when someone tries to attain that “American Dream”, the fall you may take could be costly, not just money wise.Examples:1. Jay Gatsby’s love for Daisy Buchanan is so immense that he will do anything to win her over, after being rejected the first time, because she told him that he was not wealthy enough. (Chapter 1 or 2–When Daisy tells him that she won’t date him because of his wealth, I’m not 100% sure)2. “Require too high of a price” relates perfectly when the audience finds out that Gatsby is doing illegal business— alcohol (prohibition was in place at this time). If Gatsby were to be found doing this, undercover business, then the penalty he might have had to pay could be more than he bargained for. (Somewhere in Chapter 6-7, when they are revealing Gatsby’s past)Hope these maybe help, get your brain started. I know it takes me a little brainstorming time to get going on what I am going to say.Let me know if you have any other questions or need any anything else._Trenton_