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I need a topic for a compare and contrast essay that has a “broader purpose!”?

Something that causes you to critically think about it. Any ideas? And it has to be 4-6 pages!

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  1. debauchment says:

    Americans have an obesity problem while half the world is starving. Which is worse?

  2. reduc't says:

    Start with a question, because then you can spend at least 3 pages answering it. 3 more pages can be used for opinion, ethics, and etc.I did my senior paper on the internet. My question was “Should the internet be censored?” Start with a little background information, for instance other countries already censor the internet (check out China — they have an ENTIRE system worked out, and it can be found on Wikipedia). Then go into some cases that have occured in the United States (for instance, Wikipedia has traces of a lot of political information being pulled directly by people who work in the CIA).It’s broader purpose is to show that all of those “rights” we are given in American aren’t necessarily real. We lack the freedom of speech we were once given.Other good questions:Should “Gay Day” be allowed at the family themed park Disney Land?Should New Orleans be rebuilt?The more specific you are with your question, the easier it will be to have a concrete answer!Avoid things like:AbortionMarriageLegality of alcohol/drugsAnything you think anyone else would be doing — teachers will have papers to compare it to, then.Creative writing is my major and I have had a lot of time to spend on it, so if you have any questions, just give me a ring!