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In a 3 paragraph persuasive essay, compare our role in post WWI and Post WWII Europe with our role in Iraq tod?


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  1. tractorism says:

    1. What time is 9 A.M. tonight?2. I’m not doing your project for you3. Shouldn’t have waited for the last minute.4. We have a say in every country, whether they listen or not is not the factor. The US is the top country in the world, so for some reason we feel that we have to have our business in everybody elses.

  2. NBA/CBA says:

    Here’s something interesting [external link] …

  3. Doug says:

    What they are looking for is the effects of the US military occupation of europe after WWI and WWII and how it compares to the US occupation of Iraq today.

  4. parasital says:

    9 a.m. tonight huh