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Really need you guys help and opinion?

Well my stats are really low so i don't have that many option but I'm a really smart kid. In high school i took a very demanding course load including 10 aps and 3 honors and have lots of leadership position(president academy of finance, president of future business leaders of america-DC-State, Captain of tennis team, Editor in Chief of school magazine and President of Rcycling club), have alot of extra circular activities mostly business related and have over 100plus community service hours.Here are my stats:gpa 2.3, sat 1550 m-560, cr500, w490The schools i'm intrested in are:Rollins CollegeBentleyUICDePaulSt.johnsFordhamCUNY- BarushAnd also my personal statement essay is about my life. Im a low income black male from dc and had a tough upbringing. While most of my friends lived in million dollars homes in georgetown I live in a 3 bedroom apartment in the getto.would it be a good ideal to attend a not so good public school and do good there and than transfer to an ivy leag

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  1. Marsian says:

    I’d suggest that you learn to spell Baruch. None of these are Ivy League schools; the common thread seems to be that they’re located in big cities. All can give you a good education, but you’ll pay dearly for the privilege; they’re expensive. Ivy League schools usually aren’t enthusiastic about transfers except in very unusual circumstances; they like to have you there from the beginning. Your GPA is too low for anyone much to bother with; a 2.3 is not a good indicator that you’ll be successful in college work. I’m not sure that you can get admission to most state schools with that, so you may have to launder your record with a year at one of your local community colleges. Washington has a good system.