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Did the industrial revolution make britain a better place?

An essay style question to be written as an argument and i am shoot - nothing left. Please help!

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  1. hex says:

    yes it did. it gave them technology, job oppertunities, and helped them advance socially, economically, and industrially.

  2. EDD-NET says:

    There is no question that British people today owe their comparative prosperity to the industrial revolution. Until the industrial revolution the British economy depended on agriculture. If we look at agriculturally dependant countries today we can see that they have one factor in common and that is poverty.The richest countries today have either finite natural resources, such as oil or diamonds or they have technology and a technologically based economy is a direct result of the evolution of the industrial revolution.By contrast, it would have been a disaster for Britain to try to pursue a mostly agricultural economic economy because of limited land and a climate which makes even the land which is available fallow for half of every year.

  3. tsunamis says:

    No, they had trouble with services like housing, water, energy because too many people leave the country to live in the most important cities, the population of cities exceeded and the living conditions were worse, with time and many changes Thieu cities became adequate

  4. boronic says:

    Read Howard’s End by E.M. Forster to get a perspective on this. It discusses the role emerging technology played on England in the early 20th Century.

  5. antizymotic says:

    On the “yes” arguments: You could argue that it did make britain very rich, and it became the center fo the world throughout that age.Negative sides:Many industral workers were little more than slaves, including children. There was no pollution control, and many areas are still unusable. Poor worker health and high morbidity resulted from insustrialisation.

  6. chung-ch says:

    The industrial revolution laid the foundation in which a middle class could develop and evolve. A middle class that could make their own future. The world changed forever.

  7. caves says:

    Yes. They got more money, Technology, and it made them the ,ost powerful country in the world at that time. But it also killed a lot of people. But more rights were made for the workin’ class.

  8. universality says:

    not as much as the russian one did