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Homeless person-a night on the streets essay! Any help would be appreciated!?

My homework is to write a detailed description of how it must feel to spend one night sleeping on the streets using the five senses. In my first paragraph, I must say how I arrive in London, how I find a spot to sleep, what kind of place, how the cold is affecting me, if I can get to sleep and if I'm scared for my safety.Paragraph 2: in the middle of the night, if I get disturbed by anything, how I'm coping with my feelings of loneliness, why I'm so unhappy, and what the worst aspect is and what I miss most.Paragraph 3: Waking up, what I can see, hear, smell. How do I feel- physically and emotionally, do I think I can bear another night? What do I think will happen to me from this day onwards?By the way, I'm not asking you to do my homework for me as I have already done it but I did not like it. I was hoping for a few ideas. In this, I am a 14 year old girl who has ran away from home because of family issues.

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  1. meuniere says:

    You forget to mention how you soil yourself because you don’t have a toilet.

  2. inconscience says:

    Look it’s easy just write about YOUR day to day life and you’ll get an A* ;)

  3. Syriarch says:

    If your homeless then you don’t sleep properly because there’s always a chance that you can get mugged or even worse whilst your sleeping. You wonder if you’ve done the right thing by leaving home then start wondering about your home life and what your family are doing now.You wonder if they’re any homeless shelters or where else you can go. How it’s cold and you wish you had a different family. Then you finally drift off and any simple noise can wake you up.Good luck with the homework