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How did dinosaurs survive? ?

peoples im doing an essay.. and i need to know more about these creatures (dinosaurs) i need to know how they survived in there habitats and what they did for food. and i also need to know about the first ever dinosaur.. if you can help i will very much appreciate it. thank you

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  1. cared says:

    Well in the Mesozoic Era, the dinosaurs survived because of the very warm climate, many of the trees grow taller which many herbivore dinosaurs ate, while the carnivore dinosaurs ate the herbivore ones. Some dinosaurs eat eggs like the raptors. In the Triassic period, many dinosaurs are small as a crocodile because those dinosaurs had a body and a face of a crocodile, in the Jurassic, some of the dinosaurs grew bigger like Stegosaurus, some also long necked dinosaurs 10 times larger than a bus exist. While on the Cretaceous period, it was the period when the King of all Meat Eaters a.k.a T-rex exist, many of the dinosaurs grow more defenses to fight back at the larger carnivores. In the late Cretaceous period, an asteroid strikes Earth which change the climate which also causes the extinction of the dinosaurs. Well the first dinosaurs are crocodilians.

  2. carom says:

    Do your own homework and start here:the first dinosaur [external link] …

  3. cschris says:

    Apparently not too well since they’re extinct now- HA!