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Persuasive essay/formal letter questions?

i have do this persuasive essay/formal letter and i have no idea what to do. I mean, I know my topic, but don't know how to do it. My topic is school transportation. My school system is thinking about demolishing our school's buses, and making us ride in cars to school. My parents can't do that. I need at least 5 reasons why my school system should not get rid of buses. I can't think of any. If you know what should do for my thesis statement, that would be greatly appreciative.

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  1. jiangxi says:

    My school was going to do the same, but instead of demolishing buses they actually cut down on buses. if you live a mile away from the school u will have to walk to school or be driven in.But:1. its eco friendly2. covenant for parents and the students3. provides people a job4. takes people to get an education5. is a reliable system for students to ensure they can get to where they need to beNow i would suggest writing 2 paragraph per point for example: In our country being eco friendly has become very important. There are many was that us americans have tried to be eco friendly, to help help save the planet we live on. and so on….. ( then the next paragraph for eco friendly would look like) Taking the bus not only give transportation to student but helps reduce the amount of gas we put into the air, helping our planet be more eco friendly… and so on!Good luckdid this last year as a freshman! im a sophomore now!Email me if u wanna use me for an interview or something!