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Pyschology paper help?

I have to write an essay and the teacher wants to see good insight anf self reflection about who I am...and its based on the Jung Typology Test. and it has to be in narrative form. It she asks questoins like whathave u learned about yourself? How does your personality type affect your behavior? How does your personality type impact your mental process...ect. How would I write this in narrative form?

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  1. barkpeeler says:

    A narrative is just in the 1st person form…When I was little…I am ISFJ…You’re just telling about yourself…that’s all a narrative is…a story. Just start off with…My personality type according to the Jung Typology Test (or whatever it’s called) is ISFJ. Then explain what each letter stands for. Then go into your seperate paragraphs. Your intro doesn’t have to be fancy or anything…that’s your other paragraph’s jobs.

  2. wammikin says:

    I just wrote something similar for a psych nursing class (although it was about a patient). I think that the best advice is to state what your goals are in a strong introductory paragrpah. State the premise of the paper, and then try to hit each of your main points – all in your first paragraph. You do not have to go into detail, just mention them. Then, you will not have as much trouble keeping a flowing narrative because you will not have to continuously break flow to explain a new premise. You have already done that! Now you can just concentrate on the body.Make sure that in your conclusion you oint out how you have shown each of the things you set out to show, and then try to close with a new and interesting thought.Good luck! I know this time of year is really stressful!