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The outsiders book? essay!?

i need to have a 5 paragraph essay. 2 for conclusion and intro. and 3 supporting. i need to have three supports. can someone give me 3 ideas and examples..and maybe a thesis statement? my topic is......Think about the role of physical violence in the novel. Is the violence shocking, predictable, boring, or melodramatic? Do you think such violence has a different effect on readers today than it did when the novel was first published?

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  1. pingala says:

    this study guide will help you with most of your questions [external link] for the effect of the violence on readers – i think it will have much less effect on the modern reader thanone in the late 60s. Nowadays there is far more violence portrayed in books, the cinemas, on television and in video games – even in childrens television than there was in the 60s. Censorship had been fairly strict until shortly before Hinton published this book and whilst there had been books/films with graphic violence etc in tehm they were very few and the films still carried an adult only rating. Nowadays it seems that anything goes and that there is graphic sex and violence wherever you turn. With children and young adults being exposed to all this they are much less likely to be shocked or appalled or surprised by the violence in Hinton’s book