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What do colleges think of an ap-less senior year?

First off, the colleges I'm going to apply to (early action) are high tier 2, and tier 3 colleges (Syracuse, U-Del, Penn State, Bentley, etc). This year the only high level classes I'm taking are Honors Chinese 3 and AP Econ. However, I was sick for a portion of the beginning of the school year and missed some material and ended up getting a C and a D on a test and a quiz (respectively). Since its still 1st semester and I haven't sent out the applications yet, I figured I would drop AP Econ considering I don't really want to get a C or a D in that class, but im not sure what these tier 2 and tier 3 colleges would think of that. I am currently in an upward trend of GPA (went from 2.6 freshman year to 3.6 soph year and 3.7 junior year, honor roll in soph and junior year), scored well on my SATs (first one i took consisted of Reading: 600 - Math: 640 - Writing: 670 and second consisted of Reading: 650 - Math: 640 - Writing: 650) did something like 120-140 hours of community service with habitat for humanity, operated my own business for a year and wrote a decent college essay. However, will these tier 2 and 3 colleges think im slacking senior year and reject me or will they be ok with the fact that i took no AP classes yet got straight A's senior year (btw I have no joke classes like art or ceramics or foods or something like that). Thanks.

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  1. dimwits says:

    they don’t really care…

  2. unoccidental says:

    It means you’ll need to take more required classes like ENG101 or BIO101, so they’ll be able to get more semesters out of you (and more money). Honestly, it sounds like you’ll be fine.Good luck!