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What’s the most ridiculous thing you have ever been punished for ?

In art one day me ad my friend started having a rubber (eraser) fight when the teacher was out of the room and then when she came back there were rubbers all over the place :L The punishment? I had to write a 3-page essay about what life would be like in a ball :)What have you done that you got punished for no reason ? :LOrla 'xO

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  1. baghlan says:

    I was punished when you came into the picture.Having you around is punishment enough—EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw!

  2. polygroove says:

    I got in trouble in computer class for watching Martha Stewart instead of doing my work.

  3. zonnowa says:

    My mum once freaked out at me for going to church and playing their pipe organ, which I had special permission to play [and a key to the organ AND church].lame.

  4. Arras says:

    Oh wow, that’s weird.I think the most ridiculous punishment I got when I was still living at home was being grounded for two weeks for leaving a glass of water in my room.My Dad told my step-mom to get a grip, told me to just remember to take it downstairs next time, and called off the grounding. :)

  5. liferenter says:

    Okay, that is awesome. The stupidest thing I ever got punished for was cutting off all my Barbie doll’s hair. …and then hiding it behind some plastic bins, hoping no one would find it xDMy parents found it when we moved. I was in sooooo much trouble, hahahaha. Bess’d

  6. uroxin says:

    My mom god mad at me when she woke up from her nap and slapped me while I was napping on the couch because she was angry with me because of what happened in her dream (I got pregnant in her dream) I was 16 at the time and I was 4 months in between boyfriends.It was completely random and completely retarded. A week later she even made me take a pregnancy test out of the blue. Of course I wasn’t pregnant or had any chance of being pregnant (I lost my virginity at age 17) but well what can you do when your mother is crazy? Now I am married and have been with my husband for almost 4 years now and we are expecting our first and my mom is thankfully out of my life.

  7. aborting says:

    Haha, last year in RE the teacher was busy punishing someone so 2 of the boys started playing finger football with a scrunched up bit of paper and their hands for goals :L just as the teacher walked back in, one of them scored and the five of us who were watching shouted Goal! + we got sent out :P Another time was when we had a supply teacher for french and he didn’t know what we were to do so our group had a game of Bogies (you take it in turns to shout bogies, getting louder til you’ve not got the nerve to shout any more) and most of the class joined in and we all got sent out, honestly there were like 20 of us standing in the corridor + somehow the teacher forgot about us so we had a big water fight + ended up getting linesYeah, my class is mature lol

  8. revoking says:

    Uh…i actually behave in school so i haven’t had any stupid punishments.

  9. gills says:

    Last year , two people at my lunch table didn’t clean up their stuff and my whole lunch table, there were like 16 people at the table, got a detention. It made me so made, but we all laughed about it.

  10. palmiped says:

    Once when i was 11, I told my dad i didn’t brush my teeth yet. Later he asked if i did yet, I said no I’ll do it now, and he said YOU STOP LYING TO ME GO TO YOUR ROOM! i got locked up in my room ALL DAY and grounded for a month. I’m not joking.

  11. fbuboat says:

    I was grounded for sneezing once – she thought I was giving her “attitude”.I think she was PMS-ing. XD