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Can anyone name me all the magical creatures they know?

my teacher gave us 3 options for a writing assignment: a poem, a letter, or an essay. i chose poem and wanted to describe a fantasy land in it and i wanted to use the names of all magical creatures i know. i know a lot, but you know how it is when you know a lot of something; you cant remember them all at the same time! so plz list some if you can. thank you for ur answers and 10 points to most contributions!ex. dragons, fairies, gnomes...i dont care from what books their from or if their not real in actual mythology. just list them. thx again!

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  1. vanes says:

    [external link] …Its made up of mythological creatures from lots of cultures around the world. Plus if you want more detail on them you can just follow another link and find out all about them.

  2. mastoid says:

    wizards,sound interesting. best of luck to ya.

  3. mitiest says:

    witches, wizards,sprits,worlocks,sorcerers,nymphs… spirits,poltergeists,enchanted items gems,wands,potions,spells,chants,curses,… dorn and Q from star trek and any thing that science cant explain.

  4. Vaishnava says:

    phoenixes, unicorns, mermaids, angels, wizards……ummm idk, but nice topic!

  5. cleanin says:

    unicorns, pegasus, mermaids, mermen, pixies, elves, lepruchaun, sphinxes, pheonix, thunderbird, centaur, witch, wizard, warlock, griffin, hippogriff, medusa, chimera, big foot, abominable snowman, werewolf, vampires, goblins, ghouls, zombies, aliens, loch ness monster lol.these are off the top of my head, this is a site that has some too!

  6. corrosiveness says:

    Here goes…unicorn, flying unicorn, pegasus, griffin/gryphon, dragon, fairy/faerie, gnome, mermaid/merman/merfolk, pheonix, centaur, faun, harpy, selkie, goblin, elf, pooka, hippocampus, kraken, lady of the lake, orc, cyclopse, minotaur, drake, pixie, nixie, dwarf, wood/river/sea/mountain nymph, troll, hobbit, gargoyle, demon, werewolf, vampire, triton, leprechaun, ki-rin, kelpie, satyr, puck, pan, thunderbird, siren (the bird/woman not the mermaid), chimera, rainbow serpent, sphynx, cerberus, fenris, roane, nereid, rusalki, basilisk, brownie, gremlin…I think that’s it for me.

  7. distressful says:

    PegasusUnicornTrollsLepercaughnsElvesHobbitsDwarvesFairesPixiesMinataursCyclopsSatyrGremlinsBig FootLochness MonsterDragonsPhoenixSphinx

  8. ankur says:


  9. posher says:

    Griffins; faires; mermaids; gods; goddesses; sirens; elves; wizards; witches; warlocks; sorceress; sorcerer; gnome; dragons; nymphs; hobbits; ogres; magician; phoenix; witch doctor; shaman; serpents; boggy man; tooth fairy; angel of death; grim reaper; chupacabra, vampires; werewolves; zombies; super heros; demons; angels; scarabs; mummies; unicorn; pegasus; madusa; lock ness monster; zeus; aphrodite

  10. orgasmo says:

    my favorite is tulpas they are things that are created into real life by people that believe in themexample….. there was a study that a few collage kids did and it was where they would make up a name and put facts behind that name like when the person lived and how he died what job he held in life how many kids he had etc. and then after making themselves believe in this person they held a seance and the “spirit” of that person appeared and was exactly what they made up and the spirit even became hostile and threw a table that pinned one of the students in the corner of the wall. another is a woman started an experiment and began to believe a little monk looking man lived in her house and the longer she believed in it the more visible he became and even some guest seen the little man but he became so real that she had to rid the little monk by calling in professionals to make him leaveif you ask me i think you should think about doing the essay and look up tulpas it will guarantee you an A with all the information and studies out on these

  11. marriot says:

    For a list of legendary creatures visit [external link] …