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How can i make revision more fun?

I have my As Ict exam in January, i have 9 booklets to learn. I've made flashcards but it's so boring! Any ideas on how to make it more fun? I also have my maths exam and a welsh test - need to learn an essay. Any tips please?

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  1. polyacoustic says:

    For me studying isnt a problem but to make it more fun you could do some of my following suggestionsListen to music Take a 5 minute break after every 25 minutes of studyInvite friends over to helpHave a positive attitude if you think it will be boring it WILL be boring.

  2. rumoured says:

    you could play some revision games online that may help you with the exam coming up good luck

  3. milliammeter says:

    I’m only doing my GCSEs, but it’s given me a lot of experience on different types of revising, etc. In general, revision isn’t fun. You’re just gonna have to write the important stuff down and memorise it. People make claims about genius revision techniques which don’t take much work, but revision is just that – work. As for the Welsh essay learning, when I did a similar thing in German, I wrote it down, translating it from German to English, then English to German. This worked very well, because it meant even if I couldn’t remember the exact sentence structures, I could remember what I’d said in English.

  4. junkerish says:

    It all depends on what you find fun. People who say “revision isn’t fun” have to find some way of working that suits them- not listening to other people and just criticising their ideas. For example, if you like drama or acting, then why not act out some of the things you’re learning- like a battle in history, for instance? Find games online or such to help you learn maths and science questions. Read books you’re interested in and start analysing them for more general analytical techniques. Make brightly coloured mind maps or flash cards, not just writing stuff down to learn it- that’s proven to only give you 20% memory of the information when it comes down to it. Make little tests for yourself and get friends or family to help, or maybe give a presentation on what you have to do to them.