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Why i`m an American Patriot?

i need to write this dumb essay 300 - 400 wordsmy teacher Mrs. Woodward want it in by tomorrowif you can give me some starts on these topics1.famous people how are know a patriots2.how kids and teen are patriots3.what is not a patrioti need this before tomorrow

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  1. Machiavellic says:

    read up on what Benjamin Franklin wrote about “the sunshine patriot” and think about everyone who fell for ” if your not with us your against us” after 911. think about how Bush has been cramming this sanctimoniouss righteousness down our throats while he got to use his rich family to get in the guard then went AWOL and Cheney ” had better things to do” then enlist, like many kids his own age chose to.think about the kids in your school who get ostracized for not wanting to say the pledge of allegiance and read up on it’s history. think of what they do in places like cuba for not saluting their flag. think about how brave it is to risk standing up for the real spirit of the bill of rights instead of going along with what’s popular. Bush was “patriotic” now we find out he lied and we have thousands of lives ruined and graves filled and dollars wasted, with congress continuing to give Bush money. How is THIS patriotic?