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How to make a powerful essay?

I really need some tips/pointers on how to make a powerful essay that someone is going to appreciate and want to take time to read, can you help me? I am doing an essay on the play Death Of A Salesman, the first part in my essay must have, a) Is Death of a Salesman a tragedy and Willy Loman a tragic hero, or is his death merely the pathetic demise of a small tow man?( must a tragedy involve a great individual?) Any tips and ideas would be greatly appreciated, how can I make an introductory that will entice someone to want to read it?

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  1. furfur says:

    basically they are asking you to describe the characters.also you can enhance your vocabulary by using new words like forexample: in some ways i woulddescribing this character actions as grusome, menacing,unmerciful,and truly over bearing. i mean dont wright all 4 words in one sentence. and that was an example. well you can restate each question. but first you can make a draft and than make an outline and use your notes as reference and start from there.For example you could start by saying Based on the play Death Of A Salesman the death of willy loman was a very tragic situation. and many felt he was hero. or something like that. i really dont know. you can first try on your own if that does notwirk than email me back with your results ok bye.

  2. nontaxability says:

    I think you’re going great as is.If you can continue you will be very readable.