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How do Colonol Pickering and Mr. Doolittle contrast in Pygmalion?

In english class we were asked to write and essay in which we contrast two elements in the play my chosen topick was Colonol Pickering with Mr Doolittle does anyone have any ideas they can give me about these two elements and how they contrast?

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  1. melodists says:

    Sure! Colonel Pickering is a distinguished and educated gentleman. His behavior shows that he is a more kind-hearted and compassionate towards Eliza. Mr. Doolittle, however, is uneducated and crass. His first appearance is motivated by his desire to use Eliza’s predicament to earn himself some cash. When Eliza finds herself staying with Henry Higgins, Pickering’s first concern is that the situation not be untoward, and that Eliza is respected. Mr Doolittle automatically assumes that the situation is of a sexual nature and tries to use that to his advantage.Both are older gentlemen. You might make a comparison between how the two men behave in a fatherly manner towards Eliza. How Mr Doolittle lacks it and Colonel Pickering demonstrates it.

  2. semibarbarian says:

    Hahaa, go to Cawthra?Lol, well im gonna use how they treat eliza and their views of middle class morality. I think there are various points in which this statement would be true, but idk =/