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I need to write an essay on how 911 changed air traveling but i dont know how to start please?

help me

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  1. spitbox says:

    You can start by explaining what traveling was like before 911 compared to now. Example my sister went to Spain and we were able to pic her up at the gate whereas you have wait on the side of the highway because you can’t even wait outside an airport. Or you could go through security with a lighter and now you can’t even have matches.

  2. old says:

    You could start by telling how 911 was an inside job.

  3. mteller says:

    911 has changed air travel tremendously. For example…

  4. unleagued says:

    Maybe a useful first step would be to outline how air travel (security checks and so on) functioned before 9/11, and which agencies and authorities were in charge of air travel safety and so on.After that, you may consider stating which laws were passed, agencies were created, and what changes exactly occurred mor or less directly after 9/11.Then, maybe you should discuss how terrorist attack attempts since then (shoe bomber) have had a further influence.For your summary, a nice summation of the most drastic changes would probably do the trick.

  5. transferences says:

    Ok, start with….. On 911 air travel was changed forever and so on and so on and just let it flow.From Tony at: http://www.games-made-easy.tk

  6. coralist says:

    September 11 is an anniversary our country will never forget. (…. described what happened in 3-4 sentences…) A major effect this event had on our nation was a change in our worldwide air travel. (… then list 3 major changes in air travel..)end that intro paragraph with a transition sentence for the next paragraph. for the rest of your paper explain each of the three reasons and sum it up with a conclusion! good luck!

  7. smelter says:

    Put how much more secruity they put into air ports and stuff. Say that it terrorized thousands, and many were too afraid to get on planes.

  8. choroids says:

    It didn’t.load of propaganda, tell your teacher not too buy into it- all the fuss will die with the bush administration with any luck.

  9. lothar says:

    First, find out exactly what changed about air travel, what areas/countries were affected, and why those changes were made.

  10. rowsign says:

    In a standard way.Go do some research.