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Is my essay good so far? is about Lincoln’s influence?

That is an amazing title to put on someone, a hero especially of this wonderful country. After many years of his death he is still considered a hero. We still see Lincoln here after many years of his death. His excellent presidency inspired to put his face on the five dollar bill and in the penny coin. Not all the presidents of the United States are in money but of course Abraham Lincoln is so influential that he is put on money. Not only do we see Lincoln on money, but he has even been inspired to be in movies. Like on National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which released on 2007. This movie is about discovering the truth behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Americans consider Abraham Lincoln as an honest president. According to a survey in the game show Family Feud, their question for a survey they had was, ‘name one of the presidents’ people considered was honest?’ and Abraham Lincoln was the number one top answer. He was the most voted president of that survey. Lincoln’s actions and excellent leadership has influenced America so much that we even see him in game shows. He has influenced Americans mind so much that in a survey he is number one as the most honest presidents of the United States. Now in days it is really difficult for a president to get label as honest. Of course Lincoln has had much impact and influence that he is not only considered honest but also honest. The most influential presidents have their faces craved in Mount Rushmore, and Abraham Lincoln is one of the presidents that is craved in Mount Rushmore. According to an article, Collecting (Mount Rushmore souvenirs). This mountain is so influential to Americans that millions of people visit it. It is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, but Americans who are influenced by this mountain come from all over the United States just to see Mount Rushmore, it has become a wonderful place were Americans come to have their vacations. If there were not influential presidents that had so much impact in America, there would not be a Mount Rushmore, and Americans would not have a wonderful place to come for vacation.

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