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Plz. help me with the essay ” Internet like alcohol should not have age restrictions “?

Should there be a regulation on age 4 using internet

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  1. semipeace says:

    LOL..I like the first answer..LOL..There are only age restrictions on using the interner if the parent puts a restriction on it. Your essay subject is kinda dumb. YES there should be an age limit (restriction) on alcohol whether its up to the parents or not, but age restrictions on the internet should not be put into law like alcohol laws are. You can restrict a minor from buying alcohol, but HOW is someone going to restrict a minor from using the internet?You will not have a very good essay. Prepare for an “F” grade..sorry.

  2. lander says:

    Yes. I believe there should be. I don’t know what the argument would be except to say that young people do not understand the dangers that are out there, and do not have the maturity or the ability to understand the traps that predators can set. It is not to say that they are stupid, but why do you think these people prey on young people, because they don’t have the experiences or knowledge yet to understand the dangers until it is too late. In the name of protecting our children, yes we should limit it. It is ultimately my responsibility as a parent to protect my child, using the lock, blocks, and passwords on my computer, and yes, even if there was a restrictions kids would still be on it. But, it might deter some of them, and we can make it harder for these predators to have access to our children. Some people may not like it, but it takes a village to raise a child, and to protect them. Hope I helped!

  3. nynorsk says:

    for younger users it definitely needs some supervision as who knows what they could stumble upon accidentally. our school has an internet access policy to ensure the pupils are safe and parents are expected to sign up to something similar for home use. It is quickly becoming a really good research tool but there are lots of people out there who don’t use it correctly.

  4. administers says:

    Benefits of age restrictions:-Some people not mature enough to understand extreme violence/pornography etc.-Could be argued it can affect children in later life-There is already huge amounts of crime etc. around the world. Gives parents the assurance their children are safe from being exposed to any other immoral influences.Drawbacks of age restrictions:-They stop people having a realistic look at things that would otherwise be censored-Where will it end? Age restrictions could become more and more strict and ultimately remove our freedom.-Some parents don’t understand their children: kids can cope with seeing more than they are given credit for.I hope that helps, I can’t think of many more points to make.

  5. dharnas says:

    Come up with arguments for and against the statement.

  6. hackees says:

    Well without me doing your HW for you, ask yourself this, do you think that a child can handle the consequences of alcohol? Most adults with “self control” cannot handle it, what makes you think a child can. Now as far as the internet, DO you think that a child should be able to see everything posted on the net? Dont you think there should be some restrictions?

  7. hoa-van says:

    umm, I thought alcohol did have age restrictions?

  8. alexinic says:

    I agree with song. My daughter is going to be 4 next month and I definetly don’t want her seeing half of the things that are on the internet. I set restrictions for her on our computer and so yes, there should be age restrictions. Much like the alcohol age limit, I know plenty of adults that don’t do what they’re supposed to do because of their drinking limitations. Come on, a 4 year old doesn’t need to see porn and all the cursing that goes on here on the lovely internet. It’s up to the parent to set restrictions on the computer, TV, playstation or whatever their children are doing.

  9. unrosed says:

    no but there should be a regulation on dumb f.uc.ks using the internet