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What is the name of this thing Queen Victoria is holding in this picture?

[external link] …i need to write part of an essay, and completely blanked out on what those were called. the thing queen victoria is holding. and it's not a wand. i think it starts with an "s."

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  1. kindlesome says:

    A sceptre or scepter is a symbolic ornamental staff held by a ruling monarch. A rod or staff has long represented authority. In England from a very early period two sceptres have been concurrently used, and from the time of Richard I they have been distinguished as being tipped with a cross and a dove respectively. For the coronation of Charles II of England new sceptres were made, and though slightly altered, they continue in use. They are a sceptre with a cross called “St Edward’s sceptre”, a sceptre with a dove, and a long sceptre or staff with a cross of gold on the top called “St Edward’s staff”. To these, two sceptres for the queen-consort, one with a cross, and the other with a dove, have been subsequently added. In 1660-1, the regalia was entirely remade for King Charles II and it is these objects, among them the crown, orb and sceptres with which both Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II were invested at their coronation, which form the heart of the collection in the Tower of London today.

  2. Mescalero says:

    A sceptor.

  3. intergradient says:

    I think it is a sceptre.

  4. thiostannous says:

    Specifically, this is the Sceptre with the Cross. To quote Wikipedia:”The Sceptre with the Cross, also known as the St Edward’s Sceptre, the Sovereign’s Sceptre or the Royal Sceptre, is a sceptre of the British Crown Jewels. It was originally made for the coronation of King Charles II in 1661. In 1905, it was redesigned after the discovery of the Cullinan Diamond. Now, the Sceptre with the Cross includes one of the largest diamonds in the world, the Cullinan I, or the Great Star of Africa, which weighs over 530 carats (106 g). The Cullinan I can be removed from the sceptre and be worn as a brooch.The Sceptre symbolises the temporal authority of the Monarch under the Cross. The Sceptre with the Dove, another sceptre in the Crown Jewels, represents spiritual authority. During the coronation, the Monarch holds the Sceptre with the Cross in the right hand and the Sceptre with the Dove in the left while the Archbishop of Canterbury places St Edward’s Crown on his or her head.The Sceptre with the Cross, and the other Crown Jewels, may be found on display at Jewel House in the Tower of London.”Link: [external link] …

  5. maleates says:

    That is definitely a sceptre

  6. haze's says:

    I think she is holding Prince Albert’s scepter.

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  9. alber says:

    Staff? That’s all I can think of.

  10. Americana says: