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What makes u not want to answer a question on yahoo answers?

i dont if-The question is an essay (too long) i knw sometimes details are essential-If i'ts offensive-if if its one of these *how do i know if a person luvs me for sure?*how do i get over person who hurt me?Reason being i've ansered those questions about 20 times ANYWAY WHAT'S UR INPUT?

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  1. roarke says:

    I answer those questions for sure, which r offensive..!otherwise it depends on the question, not if it’s easy or long but if i like to answer..!

  2. bigdave says:

    When I see misspellings or poor grammar (run-on sentences).Or – How do I kiss, How can I tell if s/he likes me, he looked at me/said hi to me/breathed the same air I did, what does that mean.

  3. calicut says:

    Pretty simple, I don’t answer if they’re completely stupid. Then again, sometimes I answer the stupid ones to tell the questioner how ridiculous their question is.”do they like me?!?!? they bring me flowers and meet me after class and smile at me and say they like me. do they like me?”Well for shits sake, if you don’t know the answer, i don’t know how you turned on the computer.Oh, and if they type as if English is their THIRD language when it isn’t.

  4. Bucknell says:

    if its a book. If i ask i keep it short an sweet (I try)

  5. kunnari says:

    If it is a question in which it doesn’t make any sense. A really stupid question, like How do you pick your nose with your right or left finger ?

  6. Andrena says:

    if it’s too broad of a question, if its offensive, or if it’s just plain stupid

  7. unfork says:

    Personal, stupid questions about sex. Ones that obviously don’t use spell check. Anything that’s too long.

  8. agla says:

    About 10 ozs of bacon should do the trick!

  9. sclerodermitis says:

    Various reasonsI don’t get into religionI don’t get into politicsDon’t do most music–I am too old to understand the new music.I like a variety of questions and whatever strikes my fancy. lolI am too old to answer a lot of “current ” questions, also

  10. paperings says:

    If it is too long, I avoid even reading it

  11. dandl'd says:

    I dont like to answer questions that stupid guys post that they think is gonna make a girl love them for example ~i have a 10 1/2 inch **** and its 4inches around,do you think that would hurt a girl?~ And i dont like to answer ones that start off with ~i have a monster in my pants wanna see?~ Pretty much i just hate dumb questions that pervs post.

  12. pinnssd says:

    i won’t answer if it’s the same question over and over (like how do i talk to a girl) and i won’t answer if the second i look at it all i see is typos and abbreviations (like h8 instead of hate is 1 example of about 1000). so many people use so many ridiculous abbreviations and typos that i can’t understand a single sentence of the question!